One of the great benefits of working at Massage Envy in North Carolina, is our dedication to offer many opportunities for our employees to continue their education. Through our in-house Continuing Education University, our massage therapists and estheticians can expand their knowledge, learn new skills, and advance in their career. For current employees, these opportunities are absolutely free of charge. Massage therapists not currently employed by Massage Envy can take advantage of Massage Envy sponsored CEU courses for the low rate of $60 per 8-CE hours.

Sports Massage, Lower Body
Learn pre, post and maintenance massage techniques. Target muscle groups for the back, core, hip and leg will be the focus, great kinesiology review. Range of motion techniques AROM, PROM, acupressure and myofascial techniques will be demonstrated and practiced. Come learn some cool new moves to be used on athletes, weekend warriors, and even Netflix marathoners.

Body Mechanics
MindBody Play is a class focusing on proper body mechanics for the new and experienced therapist. The mind section is built around meditation techniques for staying intentional and focused with the client and the therapeutic environment; the body section is built around actual mechanical techniques to keep the therapist’s body in proper alignment and strength building for the muscular system. The play is built around freeing movements that allow the therapist to explore their own holding patterns throughout the mindbody and release them.

Pelvic Alignment
This class will focus on correcting abnormalities and tightness in muscles that can affect the alignment of the pelvis. Students will learn massage, stretching and exercise techniques to help correct the misalignment of the client’s pelvis. Will also review the soft and hard tissue of the pelvis along with any contraindications

Sinus Massage
This class takes a detailed look at the Maxillary, Ethmoid, Frontal and Sphenoid Sinuses. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is the technique used to help drain the sinuses manually. This technique is a feather-like touch that greatly enhances the Parasympathetic Nervous System and allows for a significant diminishing of the toxic load on the Lymphatic System; the toxic load coming from external and internal factors. Indications and Contraindications are discussed and a treatment for Sinusitis is demonstrated and implemented.